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We use temporary cookies to enhance your experience of our website. Temporary cookies will be removed from your computer each time you close your browser. If you have turned cookies off, you may not be able to use registered areas of the website.

We may from time to time employ the services of a third party agent to analyze statistical and aggregate data about our website content. This aggregated information is not personally identifiable and is employed to asses page popularity and accessibility. To this end, these third parties may employ the use of cookies in providing their services. While these third party cookies are not tied to your Personal Information, Zeno does not have access to these cookies nor are we responsible for them.


The cookies named __utma through __utmz come from websites that use Google Analytics, which primarily uses it to track visits.

  • __utmz stores where a visitor came from (search engine, search keyword, link)
  • __utma stores each user’s amount of visits, and the time of the first visit, the previous visit, and the current visit
  • __utmb and __utmc are used to check approximately how long you stay on the site: when a visit starts, and approximately ends (c expires quickly).