The Challenge

Thornrest Hygiene manufacture a range of dry and wet wipes, liquid fill bottles and blend formulations within their UK facility for a range of household brands. They were looking to develop their own brand of wet wipes using natural ingredients, to be known as Dew Drop.

We were required to develop a brand identity and direction, websites and marketing literature for the Dew Drop brand.





The Solution

We developed a recognisable brand identity and thematic approach that emphasised the natural angle, while also maintaining a fresh and clinical feel.

The brand development required some specialist photography to achieve the ‘fruit splash’ effect. The branding and creative theme was successfully replicated across a range of platforms including web, point-of-sale, exhibition and sales literature.




The Results

As a result of the branding work undertaken, Dew Drop has become a recognised contender in the industry, with excellent customer response and brand recognition from focus groups.

The next phase of development will focus on increasing national brand awareness to capitalise on the extremely positive feedback.