The Zeno Process

We have developed our processes to keep you in the driving seat. There are four key stages in the Zeno process: Review, Plan, Deliver and Report.


Marketing Review
Our simple 4 stage process kicks off with a marketing review. This is our chance to get to know your business. We find out what you do, what makes you tick and what is going on in your marketplace, so that we can recommend the right path for your marketing.
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Marketing Plan
Your Zeno Action Plan will follow hot on the heels of your Review. Your Action Plan is integral to the Zeno process and will contain a detailed annual strategy plus a schedule of regular marketing activity, so that you know exactly what we're doing and when we're doing it.
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Marketing Delivery
Who makes sure your marketing happens? Zeno will.
We've got a crack squad of marketers with the range of skills to deliver on any marketing challenge. They keep the wheels turning, delivering a consistent message to your customers, month in, month out, meaning that you've now got one less thing to worry about.
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Marketing Report
In the Zeno-verse there's no room for fluffy marketing. Just transparent results. We embrace performance management and provide regular marketing performance reports, so that we can track how we are performing for your business.
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